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Awkward Family Photos Reviews

August 22nd, 2014 3 comments

Awkward Family Photos

  • Based on the hit website
  • Components include a 20-sided die and a double-sided, oversized game board
  • From the makers of the bestselling Loaded Questions games
  • Creative questions combine with classic and never-before-seen Awkward Family Photos for a hilarious game night!
  • Made in the USA
Awkward Family Photos
Awkward Family Photos Board Game
Awkward Family Photos
Back of Box
Awkward Family Photos
Sample Card
Awkward Family Photos Board Game

Get ready to laugh. Our Awkward Family Photos game combines 20 thought-provoking questions with 124 of the popular website's classic and never-before-seen photos. Your hilarious answers guarantee a night of awkward fun. And if you know your fellow players well enough and can impress them with your answers, you'll get the last laugh.

Based on the hit website and New York Times bestselling book, comes a celebration of the gloriously odd side of family and your new favorite party game. Just flip over classic and never-before-seen Awkward Family Photos featuring uncomfortable moments including vacations, weddings, and holidays, and read aloud the open-ended questions.

How To Play
  • Flip over a card, roll the 20-sided die, and read aloud the corresponding question.
  • All players, except the roller, write down an answer. Answer sheets are collected and read aloud by the player to the right of the roller. The roller then picks a favorite answer and tries to guess which player said which answer.
  • The player who wrote the favorite answer places one of their five chips on the board. If the roller matches two or more answers correctly, the roller also places a chip on the board. The first player to place all five of their chips on the board wins!

  • Large, double-sided gameboard
  • 62 blue photo cards
  • 62 red photo cards
  • 30 marker chips
  • Answer pad
  • Six pencils
  • 20-sided die
  • Rules

Quick Facts
  • Based on the hit website and New York Times bestselling book
  • From the makers of the bestselling Loaded Questions board game
  • Made in the USA
  • Ages Teen to Adult
  • Four to six players

List Price: $ 24.99 Price: $ 6.00

Uno Card Game Night Family Kids Adult Play Gift Guest Party Fun Boys Girl Friend
US $13.95
End Date: Wednesday Aug-27-2014 23:13:34 PDT
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Guy Claims Patent On Photographing People In Races And Then Selling Them Their Photos; Sues Photography Company

August 22nd, 2014 No comments

The folks over at EFF have yet another story of patents gone wrong. This time it’s from a guy named Peter Wolf, who owns a company called Photocrazy, that takes photos of sporting events like running and bike races, and then offers to sell people their photos by matching up their bib numbers. This kind of thing has been around forever, but because Peter Wolf paid a lawyer and said some magic words, he got some patents (specifically: 6,985,875; 7,047,214; and 7,870,035). Here’s the primary claim in the 875 patent:

1. A process providing event photographs of a sporting event for inspection, selection and distribution via a computer network, comprising the steps of:

taking photographs of at least one participant of a sporting event along at least one point of a course or field thereof;

associating identifying data with each photograph taken, wherein the identifying data is selected from at least one of: a number corresponding to a number worn by a participant, a participant’s name, a code acquired from a component worn by a participant, and a date and time, including hour and minute the photograph was taken;

informing the sporting participants of the identifying data;

transferring the photographs to a computer network server;

cataloging each of the photographs in a web-site server according to the identifying data;

accessing the server at a location other than the sporting event and searching for a photograph of a particular sporting event participant utilizing the identifying data; and

displaying the photograph of the sporting event participant for inspection and ordering.

Or, as EFF’s Vera Ranieri summarizes:

In plain English: Take photos of a race, tag and sort by bib number and date, and search for photos based on that tag via the Internet. That’s it.

This, of course, is the problem with many patents these days. You could take nearly any half-competent programmer, explain to him what you wanted to do, and they could build you a system like this without any trouble at all. Because there’s nothing tricky here at all. It’s just putting together a few basic obvious ideas that were really only limited in the past by the underlying technology not being ready. But now that it is… one guy has patents to block anyone else from implementing such an obvious idea. These patents aren’t promoting the progress, they’re hindering it. It seems likely that under the Alice v. CLS ruling, this patent is not valid.

Wolf is suing a small (mostly part time!) photography company called Capstone for doing some of this. While it’s already likely that the patents are invalid, with Capstone, because of how it works, and because of the Limelight v. Akamai ruling, it’s likely that Capstone itself isn’t even infringing (that ruling said that if separate parties do separate parts of the claim, you can’t say that the original party “induced infringement” because there is no direct infringement). But, still, as we’ve discussed many times, patent lawsuits are crazy expensive. And Capstone is a tiny company:

Capstone doesn’t have a widely-distributed podcast that it can use to drum up the backing of thousands of fans and supporters. Its owner’s own attempt to crowdfund the defense raised only about $ 5,000. And although Capstone’s business has been profitable, the owner tells us that because of the patent lawsuit and the costs his company is facing, his business faces the very real prospect of shutting down.

Recent reforms have been helpful to reduce costs for some defendants. For example, the Inter Partes Review (“IPR”) program now being implemented at the Patent Office promises to be a much cheaper way to determine validity.  One problem though, is that it is still too expensive for businesses like Capstone. An IPR costs $ 23,000 in filing fees alone, and requires paying lawyers and often experts as well. 

Ranieri notes that the US Patent Office is accepting comments about dealing with post-grant challenges, and now might be a good time to highlight that it’s impossibly expensive for small businesses being sued over questionable patents:

EFF previously advocated for reduced fees for IPR filings by small businesses and others without the ability to fund patent challenges. Unfortunately, the PTO ignored our request. However, the PTO is currently accepting comments regarding the post-grant challenges such as the IPR process. We encourage the public, especially small business owners, to let the PTO know by September 16 that the costs are still too high for many, and absent a lower cost, patent trolls will continue to assert dubious patents against companies they know can’t afford to do anything but settle.

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Pic Navi shows you the ‘when’ and ‘where’ of your iPhone photos

August 21st, 2014 No comments

Your iPhone tags photos with all sorts of information: your location, the time and date the photo was taken, even exposure information. This tagging function can be turned on or off under Privacy > Location Services in your iPhone settings….
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More Photos Point Toward 1,810 mAh Battery for 4.7-Inch iPhone 6

August 16th, 2014 No comments

Last month, a photo surfaced showing what looked very much in line with Apple’s usual iPhone battery design but with a capacity of 1,810 mAh, higher than the 1,560 mAh battery found in the iPhone 5s. Speculation naturally pointed toward the new battery being for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, with a number of observers being disappointed in the modest capacity increase considering the larger display slated for the device.

Just last week, an analyst report claimed the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will actually include a 2,100 mAh battery, giving hope to those looking for a more substantial increase but lacking any evidence to support the claim.

New photos shared by [Google Translate] now provide additional support for the original 1,810 mAh claim. The photos offer a good look at the batteries, which appear to contain the full set of regulatory and specification text as well as an Apple logo, with one photo showing the batteries in trays for shipment.


(Click for larger)

The one battery shown in closeup does include a manufacturing date of June, making it several months old, while the original leaked battery had a more recent manufacturing date of July. Still, the growing evidence for the 1,810 mAh battery suggests the analyst claim of a 2,100 mAh battery may indeed be incorrect.

These new photos of the rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6 battery come just after other photos surfaced from a different source allegedly showing the battery for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6. That battery checks in with a capacity of 2,915 mAh, potentially offering a significant increase in battery life depending on how much more power the device draws than its smaller sibling.

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Incredible Snakes: Fun Animal Books for Kids With Facts & Incredible Photos (Exploring Our Incredible World Children’s Book Series)

July 30th, 2014 3 comments

Incredible Snakes: Fun Animal Books for Kids With Facts & Incredible Photos (Exploring Our Incredible World Children's Book Series)

What are other parents saying about this snake book?

”Good book. I Got it for my nine year old but I enjoyed it just as much as he did."

”This was so interesting. it was APPROPRIATE for all readers!"

Animal books for kids can be one of the best ways to teach young children about the many creatures that call our planet home. In this fully illustrated picture book, best selling children's book author Mark Smith shows children what makes snakes so incredible.

Kids will learn what snakes eat, where snakes live and what makes snakes different from every other animal on our incredible planet. It is all about exploration and learning in a fun way.

Your children will love the full color photographs that spring to life on every model of the Kindle. Ten beautiful Snakes are featured with facts, color photos and more. Children will consider themselves experts on snakes when they finish reading this fun filled snake book for kids.

Here is what your children will learn about!

Snakes Are Reptiles
How Are Snakes Different?
How Do Snakes Move?
Where Do Snakes Live?
What Do Snakes Eat?
Where Do Snakes Come From?
Are Snakes Important?
Amazing Snake Facts
Are There Different Kinds of Snakes?
King Cobra
Diamondback Rattle Snake
Coral Snake
Ringneck Snake
Hognose Snake
Corn Snake
Cottonmouth Water Moccasin
King Snake

This book has been designed with younger children in mind, but older kids will love the great pictures. What are you waiting for? Start exploring this Snake fact book today.


1941 Snakes Eyes Black Americana Game, No. 27, Selchow & Righter
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Nice Addicting Games photos

June 27th, 2014 Comments off

Some cool addicting games images:

Coke addict
addicting games

Image by Phil Romans

addicting games

Image by michael pollak
done with the singleplayer mode in 4 hours. awesome game.

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Nice Word Games photos

June 26th, 2014 Comments off

Check out these word games images:

word games

Image by Kables

Word Puzzle 2
word games

Image by jamesplankton
And another.

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Nice Games For Kids photos

June 25th, 2014 Comments off

A few nice games for kids images I found:

The Secret Handshake
games for kids

Image by Brett Arthur Donar (
Raleigh, NC

Large On Black

Explored: Mar. 30th 2009

Luis and I had some real awesome ideas for the shoot and the first was scratched because of rain and the other was because the place we had didn’t come through for us. Since we didn’t have many other options on a Saturday night in Raleigh, NC, we just set up shop in the back of venue and had fun. He is easily one of the nicest people I have worked with so far. This guy has a lot of heart and it shows on his new album, which will be out April 21st.

We were real lucky to have his tour manager with us to keep kids from finding ways back there and bothering us. He was awesome. Some kids are just too funny and I wish I had recorded some video of them.

My lights are still on medical leave, so I had to make do with the good ole speedlites, once again…

Leave your thoughts!!

Strobist: AB-800 through shoot thru umbrella, SB-800 behind to left bare, SB-600 behind to right bare.

5d w/ 17-40 f/4L

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The Natives Play Soccer
games for kids

Image by marc.cappelletti
Embera children in the village of Embera Drua

Like this photo? Many are available for purchase at my ETSY Store. If they’re not up there, shoot me a message.

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Nice Hot Games photos

June 25th, 2014 Comments off

Some cool hot games images:

tiny hitchhikers …
hot games

Image by Vicki’s Nature
It’s been a rough week but I finally made it to Gibbs Gardens yesterday. And it was HOT. I suddenly felt something land on my hand and almost swatted it. Instead, I looked and was thrilled to see these two teensy butterflies dancing on my hand. It’s not the first time I’ve had butterflies & other bugs land on my diamond. They also took an interest in my watch. The S5 was slung over my shoulder on the same side so it was quite a contortion to get it up and in super macro mode to get some shots. If you’ve never seen our tiniest butterfly, this will give you an idea of just how teensy they are. I know they liked the sparkly jewelry, and the sweat no doubt, but I think it was God’s way of telling me that everything will be alright.

Eastern tailed-blue’s
Japanese gardens @ Gibbs Gardens

Winner, Thumbs Up, Two of a kind, 6-12
Winner, Big Momma award, The Mother of All Challenge Groups, The Senses, 8-12
Winner, Storybook, Small, 10-12
Winner, Challenge Factory, Two of a kind, 11-12
Winner, 15 challenges, Something of great value (the diamond or the b’flies ;-) ), 1-13
Winner (Sweep), Game, Sparkling, 2-13
Winner, Two Thumbs Up, Thumbs Up, 12-13
Winner, Thumbs Up, Thumb wrestling match, 2-14
Winner, Pre-game, Small, 3-14

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Tencent’s Beautiful New Campus In China Spans 6 Old Factory Buildings [PHOTOS]

June 25th, 2014 Comments off

tencent officesChinese internet giant Tencent recently opened brand-new offices in Guangzhou, located in the southern part of the country. 

Tencent is the young tech company behind WeChat, the wildly popular messaging app that currently has about 355 million monthly active users. 

The company’s new Guangzhou outpost will accommodate 800 employees in a complex that formerly was a six-building textile factory. Global design firm M Moser Associates transformed the dilapidated industrial zone into a beautiful open-floor office.

There are lots of fun amenities too, from a fully equipped gym to a slide that employees can use to get from floor to floor. 

Tencent’s new office in Guangzhou spans six buildings that formerly made up a textile factory. Four of the buildings are workspace for Tencent’s 800 Guangzhou employees, while the other two are dedicated to meeting rooms and common areas. All together, the company has more than 100,000 square feet of space.

The separation between the six buildings was a challenge for the architects. “Somehow, all the buildings had to be connected together and have a distinct, coherent identity,” M Moser’s Ramesh Subramaniam said in a press release. “There was also a need for very clear wayfinding through the campus, because there are quite a lot of other buildings there which don’t belong to Tencent.”

To solve the problem, the design team created these open bridges to connect four of the six buildings.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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