Decorative Colorful Desk Office Basketball Players Magnetic Sculpture Paper Clip Holder Building Block

April 17th, 2014 3 comments

Decorative Colorful Desk Office Basketball Players Magnetic Sculpture Paper Clip Holder Building Block

  • Decorative Desk Basketball Players Magnetic Sculpture Paper Clip Holder Building Block
  • Build it the way you like with the metal pieces
  • Base size: 3.5" x 3.5" x 1"
  • Adds a great stylish modern look to your office or desk anywhere
  • Comes in white paper gift box
Colorful magnetic basketball sculpture block. Release your pressure, have fun for few minutes, build the way you like. This magnetic sculpture block with all metal pieces can be a big break for your busy day, and makes an impressive executive gift.

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Price: $ 1.99

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Connecticut Lawmakers Push ‘Knockout Game’ Bill, Citing Various ‘Feelings’ As Evidence Something Must Be Done

April 17th, 2014 No comments

A few states are still wrapped up in the “knockout game” panic, despite there being very little evidence that it’s even a thing, much less something that can’t be handled by existing assault laws. But since no panic can be allowed to escape unlegislated, sweaty-browed legislators are pushing bad, broadly-written bills in order to put an end to this scourge, one that lies somewhere between “vodka tampon” and “jenkem” on the scale of believability.

South Carolina’s attempt is a complete disaster. It aims to criminalize the act of recording criminal activity, supposedly because no knockout game player ever lets a knockout go unrecorded. The list of unintended consequences that will spring from that addition is longer than most career criminals’ rap sheets. Again, aiding, abetting and criminal conspiracy laws are all on the books and could be applied to both the person delivering the blow and to the person recording it. In short, a stupid and mostly redundant bill, words that also aptly describe the Connecticut legislature’s attempt to turn the knockout game into its own criminal offense.

Legislation aimed at discouraging the “knockout game” cleared the Judiciary Committee on Monday over opposition from lawmakers who say the unprovoked attacks addressed in the bill are not a problem in Connecticut.

The bill, which passed 31-10, would apply in criminal cases where an attacker strikes someone in the head without provocation and with the intent of knocking them unconscious. The legislation makes that attack a Class D felony with a mandatory two-year sentence. It also requires juvenile courts to transfer 16- and 17-year-olds accused of the crime to the adult criminal justice system.

The bill amends the statute applying to 2nd degree assault to add the following language.

or (6) with intent to cause serious physical injury to another person by rendering such other person unconscious, and without provocation by such other person, he causes such injury to such other person by striking such other person in the head.

As Connecticut public defender Gideon points out in his blog post, this makes anyone who goes for a knockout (or intends to) subject to a harsher penalty than someone handing out a much more brutal beating.

[P]ursuant to this amendment to the Assault in the Second Degree statute, you will now be subjected to a harsher penalty for one knockout punch than you would be if you took a baseball bat and beat the crap out of someone. Doesn’t that make a lot of sense?

Of course, it doesn’t make sense. But neither does claiming the knockout game is so pervasive it needs its own law. It’s apparently headed towards epidemic levels if the state doesn’t act, at least according to the wealth of statistics provided by proponents of the bill.

[Rep. Joe] Verrengia said it was difficult to determine how many of the attacks have occurred when he was asked Monday if there was any evidence suggesting that a large number have been committed by 16- or 17-year-old offenders.

“I tried to wrap my arms around it, I tried to get statistics, but it’s very difficult to do so by virtue of the present reporting requirements by various law enforcement agencies,” he said. “. . . I think if you were to ask [victims] how many assaults have there been throughout the state of Connecticut, they would say, ‘One too many.’

Fully justified. “One too many.” No stats, just feelings. Feelings on top of feelings on top of gut instincts on top of “sending a message.”

Rep. Themis Klarides, R-Derby, said she understood the concerns of opponents but agreed that the crime should come with a more severe penalty.

“This isn’t kids just playing around having fun. Although they think that’s what it is because they’ve decided it’s a ‘game.’ But there are people who have lost — pregnant women who have lost children because of it,” she said. “At the very least, if this sends a message to these kids that think this is funny, I think we’ve done our job.”

Oh, I see. It’s not a real law. It’s a message. Except it’s a message with a mandatory 2-year sentence and the opportunity to be tried as an adult. And all over something the main bill pusher can’t even “wrap his arms around.” SEEMS BAD. DO SOMETHING!

How bad is this legislative “something?” The bill’s addition to the assault statute renders itself impotent.

Finally, do you know how badly they’ve destroyed logic? They’ve ruined their own bill and made it completely useless. How? Re-read the bill. What is the intent requirement in order to convict someone? That’s right. “Intent to cause serious physical injury by rendering such other person unconscious.”

Good luck proving that. Ever. I can almost guarantee that this subsection will never, ever be used because there’s no damn “knockout game” and because no prosecutor can ever prove that intent.

Add to that the inverted logic of Rep. Verrengia (again), who feels assault victims who have been rendered unconscious (or seemed to have been assaulted with that intent) should have an upgraded victim status.

Verrengia said he was seeking to make the victims of unprovoked attacks a protected class similar to how the law treats victims who are handicapped, pregnant, or blind.

“Although the victims in this case may not be legally blind, they are certainly blindsided by this sort of attack,” Verrengia said. “. . . I believe it warrants that sort of penalty.”

So many logical leaps made solely with the intent of curbing a criminal activity so (supposedly) dangerously prevalent no one has any stats on it. This bill is the epitome of “doing something.” Everyone pushing it forward has plenty of feelings about the subject at hand but not a single one has offered anything in the way of evidence to justify rewriting this law. Laws are not emotional. They may be applied badly and enforced randomly, giving them the appearance of highly emotional entities, but they are most beneficial to society when they aren’t conceived, written and argued by lawmakers who have allowed something as irrational as emotions to guide their hand.

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And The Highest Returning “Asset” Class In CNBC’s 25 Years Is…

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Today, in celebrating its 25th birthday, CNBC will have you know that stocks, which have generated returns of over 500% in the past 25 years, are the best asset because, well, “where else are you going to put your money.” So if you said the S&P500 is the best performing “asset” class in the past 25 years you would be… wrong.

Zero Hedge


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Keynesiansim: The Road To Hell?

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Submitted by Bill Bonner via Acting Man blog,

The Road to Hell

Keynesianism is a fraud. Supply-siderism is a con. The dollar is a scam. All were developed by people with good intentions. But these good intentions not only paved the road to Hell, they greased it. There was no point putting on the brakes. Once underway, there was no stopping it. Right now, the US slides towards some sort of Hell. Half a century of deceit has produced a nation that is ready to believe anything … and go along with anything … provided it promises to make them rich.

They will be very disappointed when they discover that all the political means they counted on – the phony money, the laws, the regulations, and the wars – have made them poorer. That is when we will really need cages …

“Nothing in nature is evil,” said Marcus Aurelius. Keynes was human. Even Adolf Hitler was a man, a part of nature himself. And the Evil Empire, was it not created by men too, men who – like economists and politicians – followed their own natural impulses? Adolf may have erred and strayed. But he did so with the best of intentions: He thought he was building a better world. And he had all the “reasons” you could ask for. He could argue all day; “proving” that his plan was the best way forward.

Not that there weren’t arguments on the other side. What were smart people to do? People argued about Keynesianism for many years. Each side had good points. One was convincing; the other was persuasive. It was like a couple arguing in divorce court – the husband forgot to take out the trash and knocked over a vase; the wife ran him over with the family car. “He had it coming,” she says. What would an observer think?

No amount of logic could help him. Both parties made good points. All the judge could do was to fall back on his own deep sense of right and wrong, of proportion … and good taste. “She shouldn’t have run him down,” he says.

“Love the man, hate the sin,” say the Baptist preachers. They have a useful point. There’s no point in hating Adolf, Josef, Osama … John Maynard … or any of the other thousands of clowns who entertain, annoy and murder us. They are God’s creatures too, just like the rest of us. What they did wrong was what they always do wrong … they all resorted to political means, to get what they wanted.

We do not hate them; we just hope they get what they deserve.

Read more here

Zero Hedge

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Barbie Horse Adventures : Mystery Ride (part 5) (Horse Game)

April 17th, 2014 26 comments

Barbie Horse Adventures : Mystery Ride also known as Barbie Horse Adventures : The Ranch Mystery is the second game of the Barbie Horse Adventures video game…

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION I’m not good at editing videos but I did my best. Enjoy the pictures :D Find more information on…

Which is your favorite Halo game?

April 17th, 2014 9 comments

Question by Caleb: Which is your favorite Halo game?
now that the series is over (or so they say.something could happen that gets them to make another. or some other company could buy the name and make their own game. but back to my question).

which Halo game is your favorite for these 2 category’s?



so from Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, and Halo Reach. which is your favorite for those?

u can choose 1 game for campaign and a different game for Multiplayer if u want to.

for me i think for Campaign it would probably be either ODST or Reach.

for multiplayer i would say Reach.

Best answer:

Answer by CRAIG90455
HALO 1 on the original xbox for campaign

HALO 3 for latest multiplayer fun

What do you think? Answer below!

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Sony missed out on PS4 and PS Vita versions of Titanfall

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We all know that the game Titanfall is an exclusive for the Xbox and PC. You can’t get the game on any Sony consoles now and may not ever be … Continue reading


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Image by Sport Nottinghamshire
Further Education Games 2013 – Nottinghamshire

education games

Image by Sport Nottinghamshire
Further Education Games 2013 – Nottinghamshire

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Sixth Grade Learning Games Free

April 17th, 2014 3 comments

Sixth Grade Learning Games Free

  • 10 fun and interactive games
  • Dozens of important 6th Grade lessons
  • Designed using real-world 6th Grade curriculums
  • Helpful voice narration

List Price: $ 0.00 Price: $ 0.00

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